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Heart: I love seeing God turn this world upside down!

A couple of weeks ago my sis n law ask me, ”Have you read The Shack”? It had been setting on my desk for nearly a year and I hadn’t even picked it up. She went on the tell me that she wanted to finish it before the movie came out. I replied “There’s a movie”? I was super pumped, I love a good movie and not having to read a book to hear the story, now that was exciting. I have always heard that the books are way better than the movies, always.

I decided I better read this one!

Let’s just say I didn’t put the book down until I had read every last word.  My heart was so full and so heavy all at the same time. With tears rolling down my face for two days I wrestled with this man’s struggle and triumph. I raced to the movies on opening night and it did not disappoint either. As much as I don’t want to think of humans portraying God’s story, I do love that this man’s story gets to be told. I do believe that God can work through anything, even Hollywood.

What I loved most about the book and movie is how patient and loving our God truly is and how a relationship with him changes everything. It was a great reflection of love and what God’s love feels like. Secondly, I sit here today with a better understanding of God’s judgement. How he really wants to reach each and every person, every sinner no matter their sin and bring them to redemption!

I don’t know why this is so hard to swallow as humans we want justice now, we want others to pay for what they have done now and in the meantime God just wants to touch them, to love them, and redeem them. This book was such a reflection of just that. You see this man’s struggle, his anger and hatred building and building (and rightfully so), But how God shows him what forgiveness does and feels like…aww man POWERFUL!

Today, as I was reading the story of Jonah I feel as if I was reading a very similar story. Jonah running from God, not wanting the city of Nineveh to hear God’s message . Jonah hated them, he wanted to be the judge, he wanted justice, he didn’t think they deserved God’s redemption. But God chose to tell a different story, God chose Jonah to bring them to repentance through his message, even though he tried to run and refused to do it.

Same story different dialect; GOD USES THE BAD FOR GOOD, FOR HIS GLORY! (even if it may not look like it to us) I love how God turns this world upside down!

Do you wish sometimes that judgement would come upon sinful people whose “wickedness” seems to demand immediate punishment.

God is more merciful that we can imagine. God feels compassion for the sinners we want judged, and he devises plans to bring them to himself. What is your attitude toward those who are especially wicked? Do you want them to be destroyed? Or do you wish that they could experience God’s mercy and forgiveness?

I learned so much from both of these stories. The full picture of God’s love and compassion and the realization that no one is beyond redemption! The gospel is for ALL who will repent and believe. If you’re struggling with forgiveness and/or forgiving I ask you today to walk into that relationship. Your relationship with God is your first step toward forgiveness and forgiving, your relationship with God is where following starts, your relationship with God is where true LOVE lives, your relationship with God is where GOD shows up and turns this world upside down!

I love seeing this world turned upside down, do you?

Heart: Peace is on the other side of the barrier

This weekend at the track side church service Pastor Luke spoke towards our New Years resolutions and the “things” that hinder us from moving forward in our relationship with the Lord. He stated its time to stop spatting back at our “thing/sin” our enemy (Satan) and get a stance; plant our feet and get our arms up, defend ourselves against the enemy…REPENT, RESIST and REST in the Lord!

Literally as we speak time is ticking itself one tick at a time deep into 2017. As I sit cozy this morning by the fire, I glance out my window, the chilly morning breeze moving through the trees and I think to myself, is it really that simple?

Is taking my stance as simple as…HE is the tree, we are the branches?

In Ezekiel God describes a majestic tree, greater than all the trees in Eden. He takes the time to swoon me, I begin to picture this beautiful magical tree. My mind wonders to a heavenly realm, I picture myself as small as a speck of sand looking up at a tree that is larger than life. An then, just like that, he reminds me that sinners sin and there is hostility in my own human heart. He goes on to explain how he hands this strong mighty tree over, cuts it down because of its wickedness, he holds back its waters and He alone is in control of the LIFE it lives.

LIFE; it’s so intricately detailed, isn’t it? But as creative and complicated ‘life” may seem, God still is for his glory! Life is messy, our “thing” that hinders our goals and resolutions, they are messy. Yet, still in middle of a broken mess, our forgiving and loving God scoops down from above, and says “eyes up, sweetheart”!

When I think of the Glory of God and his creative majestic-ness, he makes its so simple. Everything that is living on this earth has to survive!

So simple! The circle of life…comes from above! We have to survive this world, we have to survive our broken-ness, we have to survive the devils deceptions, we have to survive this world. He never said this life would be easy, but it is clear..He is the tree and we are the branches.

I want to be connected to one that gives life, I want to be a strong branch clinging to my foundation. A tree is vulnerable outside exposed to the harshest conditions, but the strong tree survives/thrives because of its branches and its leaves. They protect, they help give LIFE to their foundation.

Gods glory is in us and his kingdom is blessed through us! God is for his Glory, God is for his kingdom…God is for us!

We were created to survive with a life source so majestic and sweet! There is peace in the midst of our hostile human hearts, with a promise of a stance as strong as the mightiest tree in Eden!

There is peace there! There is peace in Jesus!

For he himself (Jesus) is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, – Ephesians  2: 14

Pastor Luke reminded us Sunday, the way to peace is to;

  • Repent: tell God you’re a sinner, he won’t be surprised. Declare your transgressions and sin, specifically tell him your dirty.
  • Resist: Plant your feet, get up your hands, water your tree and resist your enemy! It’s not going be easy, but fight the good fight.
  • Rest in the Lord: Our strength (our stance) comes from deep down. Our roots “break” through the soil as we cultivate our faith through Gods word. The Holy Spirit waters us from above , he stretches our branches further . He strengthens our roots as we take a stance, planting our feet. He keeps us strong through the storm; He is our armor, He is the air we breathe…He is our LIFE source!

What’s getting in the way of your peace? What hostility is in your heart? What circumstance is in you or around you that is hindering your peace and fellowship with The Lord?

It may be time to go to war, time to battle and proclaim your peace? Put on your armor and with the power and the strength of the Holy Spirit you will survive, not only that, you will find peace there!

I think I’ll go ahead and get a jump-start with some kickboxing over on Revelation Wellness! WHOOP!




FUN FACT: Since I am on a tree kick, did you know that it is a scientific face that… A tree’s branches (you) are responsible for stretching out as far and wide as possible to help the leaves (those around you) reach light!

So, simple, Right?

Home: Mountain Fresh

If you have been around here at all you probably already know that I hate the cold. I despise it, every winter I wish I could move to the Caribbean until late April. I should not be complaining, I live in Texas and we hardly have winter (at least most years).

Mountain Freshcropp

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight

No matter how much I hate the cold there is something intriguing about the mountains that I can not resist. I make sure every year that we venture off on vacation to a snowy destination. I want the kiddos to experience winter sports before they are too old like me, ha! jk! My family and I recently spent our Spring Break in Colorado and I have to admit I can endure the cold to embrace the beauty in which the mountains withhold. I was so inspired by the landscape I decided to hand-pick and curate a little mood board of my vaca experience. Each piece has a touch of modern with a mountain flare and can spark up any space.

I can not wait for warm weather, but until then enjoy your journey and keep dry!



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Heart: Never Alone

-What about Me-

Do you ever feel so alone? Not physically…but emotionally or mentally?  Maybe you have some wonderful people in your life, but aren’t sure how much they truly care about you. They say they do…..but actions speak way louder than words.  You don’t feel like they know the real you…or even care too.

Some people are just selfish….plain and simple.  Maybe they weren’t raised to think about anyone but themselves. They will take and take from you, and seldom give back. It’s daunting, draining…and heartbreaking. And it’s lonely.

Such an unfair feeling. I think everyone wants to be loved, appreciated, heard, and understood. Having these few things can give you the strength to conquer the world….and not having them can leave you empty.

I feel this way sometimes. As women, maybe we are more complicated than some can comprehend. Maybe it’s the way God designed our brains. I’ve realized that feeling this way is God calling to me. I believe He’s saying “Look to me for what you need…no one else.”  Maybe those things coincide with a past of missing pieces and are an unhealthy expectation on my part. This is some of the “restoration” within myself that I am working on.  But I feel it’s absent from my life on purpose. I need to look to Him, and if I get what I’m seeking from someone else, I might not do that…and He knows that.

Today was a day I was feeling a lot about this, and I opened up my daily ‘Jesus Calling’ devotional and felt instantly loved from knowing that my Heavenly Father gets me. It read:

“Come to me for understanding since I know you far better than you know yourself. I comprehend you in all your complexity”…. “allow the Light of My healing Presence to shine into the deepest recesses of your being-cleansing, healing, refreshing, and renewing you.”  

And the line that took my breath away:

“When no one else seems to understand you, simply draw closer to Me. Rejoice in the One who understands you completely and loves you perfectly.” (Sarah Young)

I mean talk about meant for me.  I can’t tell you how much I think and feel like no one gets me. It’s a lonely feeling. But from those words I felt understood, I felt loved, I felt whole. It was a great and powerful feeling.

God gets me, and He gets you. I am not alone, and neither are you. Draw nearer to Him, lean on Him to fulfill you. Man cannot give us what our Lord can.

In what ways do you rely on someone in your life to fulfill you in a way that they cannot right now? Where can you draw nearer to God to make you whole?

Live in the Light,


Inspirational counselor